Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Week Three - Bawn wall

Well its week 3 already and things are moving on very quickly; aided in no small part by the unexpected fine weather of the last week

We're making good progress excavating and recording in the castle cuttings and think that we have identified the north-west corner of the castle!

Probable north-west corner of castle

We think that we may have identified the bawn wall to the south of the castle. The location of this matches almost perfectly the measurements detailed in the 1622 survey so the question remains as to the full western extent of the bawn?

We also started digging in earnest  inside the castle and through the entrance. We hope to uncover the nature of the entrance threshold and what the approach/path to the door would  have looked like whilst investigating the internal ground floor area – also hoping for lots of cool finds too ;-)

Cutting inside the castle


  1. some very interesting work done there.
    Its a credit to our archaeologists keeping the past alive for future generations.
    Keep up the good work!