Monday, 24 June 2013

Week 4 - excavations within the castle ruins

The trees were cleared from the inside of the castle and it gives a whole added dimension to the internal area – it looks even more impressive! – here you can see clearly the fireplaces at each level of the building. 

This picture (below) is certainly proof that the castle building was roofed with slate – this is a fragment of perforated slate integrated as part of the wall construction, jammed between the stones!

We found this curious possible metal object today which has left us stumped if anyone has any ideas - answers on a post-card (or blog comment might be better)….;-)


  1. I wonder if the piece of metal is a part of a firedog? Saw something similar when surveying Burncourt Castle in Tipperary. Was it found near a fireplace?

    Hugh Kavanagh
    Landmark survey

  2. Thanks Hugh. That’s a great suggestion. This item was found outside the castle on the cobbles near the front door. We were also thinking that it might be a moulded fragment of the Hamilton Family Crest?