Friday, 7 June 2013

Investigating the castle and bawn

We have set out some cuttings adjacent to the western extent of the castle ruins in which we hope to be able to trace the line of the enclosing bawn wall and possibly identify some buildings which may have been located between the wall and the castle. This wall would have surrounded the castle and defended it from attack. We have some detail about the bawn from an account in 1622 which describes the work at Derrywoone as a fair stone howse, 4 stories high, which is almost finished, and a bawne of stone and lyme, 90 foot long, 70 foot broad and 14 foot high. The house takes up almost the full bawne. As soon as it is finished, he [Hamilton] intends to dwell there himself’

We're finding small sherds of pottery, roof slate and animal bone in these cuttings and hopefully  analysis of these finds will provide evidence for the activities undertaken in this part of the castle. 

Cuttings adjacent to the castle
Possible line of the bawn wall
Pitch cobbled area - possible yard or floor surface

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