Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Derrywoone - Week One Progress

Well we're a week into our excavation at Derrywoone Castle and have been very lucky with the weather. Progress continues at a steady pace and the crew are keeping tabs on who can keep the tidiest sod stockpile  - Tony seems to be winning at the moment ;-)

Tony and his impressively neat stockpile!
We're already finding some nice features including a path in Cutting 1 and brick, mortor in Cutting 2. The path in Cutting 1 appears to represent that shown on the first edition six-inch OS map. While this may be an 18th demesne feature it is possible that this represents an older route associated with the castle occupation.

Cutting 1
Path in Cutting 1

The section of path appears to correspond to a north-south running path to the east of the castle on the first edition six-inch OS map.

First edition six-inch OS map showing Derrywoone Castle, annotated as 'Old Castle'.

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