Thursday, 6 June 2013

First School Visit

We had our first visit to site by a group of National School students the other day. The sun was shining and fun was had by all! Site director Fintan gave a tour of the castle and geophysical survey area and the eager group had plenty questions for him. Hopefully their curiosity was answered for one day and they went home with an interest in 17th century castles and history!

Site tour by director Fintan

Following the site tour the students took part in excavation activities. Some of the group got stuck in digging in one of the trenches while others tried sieving the soil to look for finds. The students got to talk to all of the archaeologists on site throughout the day and question them on their work. Some of the surveying techniques were also shown to the group. A very active, fun-filled, day for all!

Students try their hand at digging

Sieving soil for finds

Survey Techniques - using the level

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  1. Great work. Looks like a very interesting excavation!