Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Week Two and the sun came out for us

We are a bit behind in our daily posts so here is an update of what has been happening since the latest post last Thursday..

On Friday we had our first school visit which was a great success.

School visit - everyone got a chance to dig!

This is the first of at least eight organised visits of schools from the Monea area. The children had a tour of the castle, a tour of the excavations and then broke into groups and they had a go at digging, sieving and surveying.

On Monday we were joined by volunteers from the Clogher Historical Society who got stuck in straight away and made light work of the sod removal in Cutting 3.

Volunteers from the Clogher Historical Society in Cutting 3
Nick Brannon, the lead archaeologist for the project, 
was on hand for an excellent photo opportunity.

The sun came out properly (finally) on Tuesday and we had another productive day. Deborah from the Clogher volunteers had the best find of the day, a musket ball, found in Cutting 6

Deborah from the Clogher Historical Society and her find!
Musket ball!

We also had our second school group on Tuesday morning. Here’s Christina showing the children some examples of things that you might find on a site. The best suggestion we got for this object from the class was “a unicorn horn”! 

Site talk during school visit

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