Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Week Three - another busy week in prospect

Finally got the stones out of Cutting 5, and there were lots of them. Nothing much underneath this rubble however unfortunately except for a thin charcoal spread  - oh well. Still this Cutting did produce a good range of finds.

Cutting 5 after removal of loads of stone!

Cutting 6 had always been our ‘starters trench’ for the school visits but today (Tuesday) we took the opportunity to get down and see what was under the last few centimeters of topsoil. Looks like we have two linear features in this one which seem to correspond quite well with the geophysical survey – Result!

Cutting 6 - finally got down to the business end
of this one.

It was a shocking fierce wet day today and our visiting group of 30 primary school children got soaked – and so did we. They still had a great day none the less..

Another happy (but soaked!) school group on their way back to class

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