Thursday, 22 May 2014

Week Three continues....

Another great school visit today. This is our 6th school visit and thus far more than 170 school children have visited the site already with more to come! 

School visit – the finds table
Bingo! I found some pottery

The dungeon in the castle is getting to be a big attraction for the visits and while everyone loves the digging and sieving at Cutting 6 the drawing tasks are also proving increasingly popular – we might post a few of the best drawings at the end of the dig…

Still digging away in the other trenches and it is clear now that we have a stone-filled drain or ditch in Cutting 4.

Cordoning off Camilla in Cutting 4 with hazard tape,
in retrospect, seems a bit harsh.
Ditch/drain in Cutting 4

Unfortunately there is nothing in this that we can use to date it. Camilla is moving on to more interesting things tomorrow – a cutting at the bottom of the latrine chute! Who knows what she might find, actually lets not go there..... 

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