Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sunshine and unexpected finds

Seemed like the summer had finally arrived today. The sun was out in force at Monea.
Monea in the sunshine 
We had an unexpected discovery today. Tony found what looks like a stone axe in a charcoal-rich layer under rubble in Cutting 6. This was found right beside a curious looking stone which has a groove in its side into which the axe actually fits quite well. We cant work this one out..
Tony and his axe.
This is where it was found.
And it fits into the groove!
Meanwhile Camilla is digging away in Cutting 7 at the latrine chute. There seems to be a small drain here coming away from the base of the chute but this is heading towards a big slab of possible bedrock? It will all become clearer when the rest of the drain is taken out - tomorrow..
Cutting 7 and the latrine chute at the east end of the castle.
We opened a Cutting (Cutting 8) at the north-eastern corner tower of the bawn to see if this (angular) tower was once rounded (as is suggested in Jope's plan of the castle in 1951 - see first Monea blog post). We have just exposed some very nice stone at the base of this Cutting. Need to have a think about this one..
Cutting 8
More anon...


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