Friday, 21 September 2012

Week One - De-sodding turf and TV interviews!

By the end of Day 2 on site, with the site huts installed and a pedestrian corridor being fenced for H&S reasons, turf and topsoil had been stripped to clear the way for excavations to begin in earnest.

De-sodding - it's an art form!

Wednesday afternoon was taken up with a film crew from Televisionary, who are making an 'Ulster Unearthed' TV series for Ulster Television. The presenter, Rita Fitzgerald, interviewed archaeologist Nick Brannon (project leader) and Fintan Walsh (Excavation Director), to a background din of seagulls, police sirens and nearby machinery, but the filming seemed to go well. It's all in the editing!

Filming on site, all you need are two buckets and a patient camera crew!

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