Thursday, 27 September 2012

Little Diggers and a little sunshine

The storm has passed and Tuesday dawned blustery but dry.  Yesterday we were visited by the film crew and were interviewed on camera, which is a new experience for most of us. In the afternoon we were visited by the Little Diggers, a group of young archaeologists which is organised by Heather and Lianne at the North Down Museum in Bangor. 

Little Diggers visit our site (Image: Heather James)

They all put on vis-vests and were issued with a trowel, hand shovel and bucket and shown how to dig carefully. They were very excited to find fragments of pottery and some flints. Some Little Diggers washed and photographed their favorite find and Nick was on hand to tell them about the pottery and share some surveying skills. We have not yet found any buildings but, it is early days yet and there are some very large pits in one trench which we very much hope will contain midden thrown away by the people who lived here in the 17th century. 
I wonder how many of these Little Diggers will be the archaeologists of the future?
Heather James (Community Archaeologist, Northlight Heritage)

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