Wednesday, 6 February 2013

'Ulster Unearthed' features Servant's Hill!!

Well post-excavation analyses are well underway and we hope to have some results, including radiocarbon dates, in the coming weeks. The final report detailing the excavation results and interpretation of site will then be written by the director, Fintan Walsh. We will update the blog with any important results so remember to check back with us! 

The episode of  'Ulster Unearthed' focusing on our excavations at Servant's Hill was aired on Monday night at 8pm on UTV. It was a very interesting show and was very well put together as it highlighted all elements of the project - historical background research, excavation and community involvement. I hope some of the little diggers featured in the episode were excited with their TV appearance and i'm sure it will be remembered as a great day out! If you missed the show on Monday night it will be available for a short period on the UTV Player here. Hope you enjoyed watching as much as we did!

We hope to start work on the next research excavation in May! We will update the blog soon with more details!
Filming in progress on site in Bangor

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