Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Week Three - busy busy busy!

We have 8 school visits this week so we are very busy showing the children around the site. Christina shows all the school children some finds from her reference collection including some animal skulls which really get the attention – all the children think that they are dinosaur bones!!!

The highlight of the school visits is the digging and sieving and the children have been pilling into trench 3 digging away and finding lots of pottery (that has been strategically placed there by Stephen!). Its all a bit of fun really!

Meanwhile digging continues on site and one of our volunteers Ken is getting stuck in!

Ken is sieving hard to try and find some dateable finds! 
Some people are very enthusiastic and have dug themselves substantial features on site!

Stephen digs himself into a hole.
But the digging was worth it as some pottery turned up in Cutting Three!
Cutting Five continues and looks very well at this stage

Recording of Cutting Five is going well!

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